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Cooling Facial Globes

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Take your skincare to the next level with this ultra cooling facial globe set. Pop in the fridge & gently message your face and eyes to reduce puffiness, promote circulation and contour rejuvenated skin.

☮︎︎ Soothe Your Skin: Massage globes can cool + calm the skin. Massaging downward encourages lymphatic drainage.

☮︎︎ Cooling Facial Massage: Massage globes help promote blood circulation, reduce dark spots and pigmentation revealing a more brighter, even skin tone. Massage upward to give skin a natural lift.

☮︎︎ Reduce wrinkles and puffiness. Get firmer, younger, glowing skin.

☮︎︎ The massage globes can massage the face, neck, body. Use it to relieve pain and restore vitality.

☮︎︎ Easy to Maintain: put in fridge for 10-20 minutes (don't put in the freezer), and then use it to cool and massage the face and body.

Before use: wash with fresh water then put it in the fridge, keep it for HALF AN HOUR before use.

After use: clean with soap & water, dry and put in preservative bag. (DO NOT store in refrigerator.)

After using Ice Ball skin get slightly warm and red, it is a positive chain reaction. It presents blood circulation be improved.

vegan + cruelty free.